Our Story and Mission

A Timeless Tradition

The mission of Coco Bebe is to bring the goodness of the COCONUT to all based on a timeless tradition. Coco Bebe is based on my mom's historial Trinidadan coconut recipe, which has been used to sooth and comfort babies for decades.  After researching the amazing benefits of coconut oil, I not only started to use it on my own kids, Augie, Lily and Sonny but became very passionate about launching a brand that would provide these benefits to babies and moms everywhere. 

Personal Inspiration

Inspired by my favorite movie, Baby Boom, I launched Coco Bebe.  Each product is packed with the natural goodness of the coconut and the passion of the timeless tradition. 


Sindy von Ziegesar pictured with her mom, Silvy Subance and kids: Augie (4), Lily (2) and Sonny (10 months). All have been Coco Bebes since they were 3 weeks old!